Superconductivity Laboratory




The Group of Superconductivity Materials Research and Technology is one of two basic research groups of the Division of Materials Science and Electrotechnology.

The SMRT group works on the following science-research problems:

  • development of technology of fabricating medium (MTS) and high temperature (HTS) superconducting materials, especially:
    • fabricating of massive superconductors (YBCO, BSCCO);
    • fabricating of MgB2 tapes and wires;
  • basic research of superconductivity materials, inclusive of:
    • a determining and analysing of the temperature characteristics;
    • a determining and analysing the static and dynamic current-voltage characteristics;
    • a magnetic research;
    • a structural research of superconductors;
  • analysis and modelling of electromagnetic and thermal phenomena in superconductors, inclusive of:
    • an analysing of the magnetic field distribution in polycrystal superconductors;
    • an analysing of the dynamic of the magnetic flux movement in transitional states;
    • an analysing of the phenomena in metal-superconductor junctions;
  • research in superconducting application.

The SMRT group disposes of a laboratory, equipped in the following systems and instruments allowing the realization of the above-mentioned tasks:

  • a high temperature pipe furnace;
  • a nitrogen bath cryostat OPTISTAT-DN (77K-400K);
  • a helium closed cycle cryostat DE-210 (8K-350K) - refrigeration capacity - 4W at 9K;
  • a programed current source (100A);
  • the computer measurements systems equipped with a data acquisition cards, a nanovoltmeter, the multimeters, a gausometer, a digital oscilloscope;
  • the computer laboratory equipped with FEMLAB program for the modeling of physical phenomena in superconductors.

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